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From birth to teens

People often say "Parenting doesn't come with an instruction manual!"  David and Tara still wish each of their children came with his or her own set of customized instructions.

But the next best thing is finding parents who have gone before you to encourage and guide you along the way. David and Tara offer seminars and workshops customized to your parenting topic of choice, coming from their own experience as parents and from their studies in child development and relationship enrichment.

David's PhD is in Child and Family Development. He has worked for more than 20 years counseling families with children of all ages, has taught many graduate level courses on Child Development, and has spoken extensively locally and internationally. Tara's training and work as a doula gives her a unique understanding of families in the childbearing years.

Please contact David & Tara to set up a seminar, speaking engagement, or workshop in your community.